Celestra Solar offers a comprehensive suite of innovative products and services designed to harness the power of solar energy across various sectors. Our diverse range includes residential, commercial, and industrial rooftop installations, as well as large-scale ground mount projects. We take pride in manufacturing high-quality solar street lights, providing efficient illumination for safer and more sustainable communities. Additionally, our flexible and portable solar panels cater to the recreational vehicle market, offering on-the-go sustainable power solutions. Celestra Solar specializes in solar water pumping systems, drone inspection services, and solar cleaning automation, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for solar installations of all scales. Furthermore, we are at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution, providing EV charging stations for cars and bikes, both for individual users and large-scale stations. Our commitment extends to offering carbon credit services, allowing companies to monetize their renewable carbon offset initiatives. Join us in embracing a future powered by Celestra Solar's cutting-edge products and services, where sustainability meets efficiency.


Residential Solar Solutions

Powering Homes with Clean Energy

Celestra Solar offers tailored residential solar solutions, providing homeowners with efficient and sustainable energy options. Experience the benefits of solar power while contributing to a cleaner environment.

Commercial & Industrial Rooftop Solutions

Energizing Businesses for a Sustainable Future

Our commercial and industrial rooftop solutions are designed to meet the energy needs of businesses. Celestra Solar empowers enterprises with reliable and cost-effective solar installations, reducing carbon footprints and operating costs.

Solar Street Lights

Illuminating the Streets with Solar Energy

Celestra Solar takes pride in manufacturing high-quality solar streetlights. Our energy-efficient lighting solutions contribute to safer and more sustainable communities, powered by the sun.

Portable Solar Panels for RVs

On-the-Go Solar Solutions for Recreational Vehicles

Explore the freedom of the open road with Celestra Solar's portable and Flexible solar panels. Designed for recreational vehicles, our flexible and efficient panels provide a convenient and eco-friendly power source wherever your adventures take you.

Solar Water Pumping Systems

Harnessing the Sun's Power for Water Solutions

Celestra Solar's solar water pumping systems offer sustainable and energy-efficient solutions for water management. Experience the benefits of solar-powered pumping for agriculture, irrigation, and more.

Drone Inspection & Cleaning

Precision Inspection and Maintenance with Solar Drones

Ensure the optimal performance of your solar installations with Celestra Solar's cutting-edge drone inspection services. Our drones not only inspect but also clean solar panels, maximizing efficiency and longevity.

Solar Cleaning Automation

Efficiency Redefined with Solar Cleaning Automation

Celestra Solar introduces state-of-the-art solar cleaning automation for both small-scale and large-scale installations. Enhance the performance of your solar systems with our automated cleaning solutions.

EV Charging Stations

Charging the Future with Celestra Solar for Home and Commercial Spaces

Celestra Solar is leading the way in EV charging technology, offering innovative solutions for both homes and commercial spaces. Join the electric revolution with our reliable and scalable EV charging stations, providing seamless and eco-friendly solutions for homeowners and businesses. Not only do our charging stations contribute to a sustainable future, but they also offer an opportunity to earn for commercial spaces, turning sustainability into a wise investment.

Solar Tracking System

Maximizing Solar Efficiency with Precision Tracking

Celestra Solar's solar tracking systems optimize energy generation by following the sun's path. Our advanced tracking technology ensures maximum output for mega-scale solar wall plants.

Carbon Credit Services

Monetize Your Green Initiatives with Carbon Credits

Celestra Solar helps companies monetize their commitment to sustainability through our carbon credit services. Generate revenue from renewable carbon offset projects and contribute to a greener planet.