"Empowering Sustainable Energy" from Homes to Megawatts

Your trusted partner in building a cleaner, brighter future

At Celestra Solar, we take pride in being a leading provider of solar solutions. With a focus on residential, commercial, and industrial rooftop installations, as well as large-scale ground mount projects, we are committed to transforming the energy landscape. Our expertise extends to solar street light manufacturing, flexible and portable solar panels for recreational vehicles, solar water pumping systems, and advanced drone inspection services for optimal solar farm maintenance. Additionally, we empower companies to embrace sustainability through our carbon credit services, allowing them to monetize their commitment to renewable energy and contribute to a greener planet.

Empowering Communities through Solar Innovation

man holding solar panel on roof
man holding solar panel on roof

Discover the power of solar energy with Celestra Solar, your trusted partner for comprehensive solar solutions. From residential rooftops to expansive solar farms, we specialize in harnessing the sun's energy to power a sustainable and greener tomorrow.

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Worldwide Impact

unknown person holding clear glass ball
unknown person holding clear glass ball
sittin people beside table inside room
sittin people beside table inside room

Global Reach, Local Impact

Celestra Solar's influence spans the globe, with a strategic presence in diverse regions. From bustling urban centers to remote communities, our solar solutions are making a tangible difference, addressing energy needs and fostering sustainability on an international scale.

Collaborative Sustainability

We believe in the power of collaboration. Celestra Solar actively engages in global partnerships and projects, working with governments, organizations, and businesses to drive the clean energy revolution. Our diverse and culturally rich team ensures that our solar solutions are not only globally applicable but also locally relevant.

United for a Sustainable Future

Join us in shaping a sustainable future for all. Celestra Solar's global workforce, united by a shared vision, leads the way in advancing clean energy solutions. Together, we contribute to the achievement of international sustainability goals, lighting up the world with the brilliance of solar power.

Empowering your future with solar energy