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“Celestra Solar exceeded our expectations with their commercial rooftop solutions. The project was completed seamlessly, and the energy savings are making a noticeable impact on our operational costs. Their commitment to sustainability and efficiency is truly commendable.”

- Mr. Rohan Patel

“We installed Celestra Solar's street lights in our community, and the transformation has been remarkable. The lights are energy-efficient, providing a safer environment while reducing our carbon footprint. The team's dedication to quality is evident in every aspect.”

- Mr. Aryan Desai

“Choosing Celestra Solar for our residential solar installation was a game-changer! From the initial consultation to the final installation, the team's professionalism and expertise were evident. Our energy bills have significantly decreased, and we're proud to contribute to a greener planet.”

- Mr. Vivek Singh

Here's what our customers say

“Celestra Solar's drone inspection service is a game-changer for solar farm maintenance. The efficiency and precision are unparalleled, and the added benefit of automated panel cleaning maximizes our energy output. Their commitment to technological innovation is impressive.”

- Mr. Arvind Sharma

"Choosing Celestra Solar for our residential EV charging station has been a transformative experience. Beyond the sheer convenience of charging our electric vehicles at home, we've witnessed substantial cost savings and a meaningful reduction in our carbon footprint. Celestra Solar's charging solution has empowered our journey towards sustainable living, making every charge not just efficient but environmentally conscious."

- Mrs. Nandini Joshi

“Working with Celestra Solar on carbon credit services has been a seamless experience. They guided us through the process, helping us monetize our commitment to sustainability. It's not just about earning; it's about contributing to a greener world. Celestra Solar is a trusted partner in our environmental initiatives.”

- Ms. Sanya Kapoor